Last Minute Costume Saves

Halloween weakend is here and OH you just realized you may need a costume for tomorrow..BOO! And this year, cat ears won’t do. While you may not want to go all out, there are some great last minute props that could save you this Halloween.

Now, it does require a bit of creativity on your part so opt for these saves and start digging through your closet for the rest!

Fake Long Nails  & Long Eyelashes 

Think Cher, Elvira, BAPS! These drug store staples will help make up any costume. Plus, they’re fun to wear!

Face Paint 

So much fun to put on and there are so many possibilities! You can be a hippie, indian, kitty kat, a member of KISS, a clown. They work as far as your imagination will go!

Fangs & Fake Blood

Be a scary vampire or a sexy one. This is probably the easiest costume to make up because you can make it all your own with your normal clothes and make it as scary and gory or as sexy as you please. The choice is yours.

Large Shirt & Socks  

Save your Halloween with a bit of Risky Business. The ever popular 1980s flick shows Tom Cruise wearing a large shirt, men’s underwear, and socks! You have to bring the ‘tude!’

Bed Sheets 

The most unlikely save that we all have! You can plop it on you, cut two holes and be a ghost or drape it over you and become a Greek goddess!  Garnish it as you please!