Best GF Bread Ever… Try LPQ

To Be 100% Honest with you Y Lifers, we all know how hard it is to live a GF Life…

It’s most challenging, upon the thought of eating out at restaurants, whether the concern is cross contamination in kitchens, non GF educated restaurants or contamination with other allergens… I have experienced it all and understand your fear.

The most frustrating aspect is when you are out dining and you are served the wrong dish, like somehow someway the specifics of your order were mishandled and now you are left waiting an additional 20 minutes for your food, while everyone else at the table is already on dessert. It happens to me EVERY single time…

At this point in my life, I have gotten the drift of how it works to eat out with me… I know when I go on dates Sushi is the easiest… because you can’t geo wrong with raw fish… as long as you skip the soy sauce, right?

Salads… How I love them, but after one too many incidents involving reactions to salad dressing… I have been trained that my best solution is 1 Tbsp. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, 1 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper to taste… BAM! Salad served and the dressing is 100% allergen FREE!

The best is when you sit down at a restaurant and the first question that eludes the waiter, even before your drink order, is… Are there any allergies at this table that we should know about?! … YES. YES. YES.

Every restaurant should have this protocol, but since they don’t it is our duty as walking hazards to help educate the world, to the importance of the care it takes to live with or be someone who suffers from allergies.

My reactions range from throwing up with dizzy spells, to rashes and even having to use that good little friend the EpiPen! I understand your battles, because I too face them everyday.

But I wanted to share with you … One of my favorite new discoveries!

Le Pain Quotidien

… is French meaning for “the daily bread” and it is also a number of bakeries and restaurants located in: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Connecticut and Philadelphia. They serve simple food, that has a fresh and handmade twist, from soups and tartine’s to Quiche and an amazing uniquely inspired pastry selection… the menu at Le Pain Quotidien is accessible to Vegetarians and Vegans alike, AND they have fresh GF BREAD!!!

At Le Pain eating organic is prioritized as part of living a healthy lifestyle, and so many of their products are Organic, including the flour they use to make their incredible breads. Disclaimer, they are not a gluten-free facility, but for folks like myself who simply have a sensitivity and are not suffers of Celiac Disease, it’s Perfection!

The Organic Super Seed Gluten-Free Bread, which you can snag up at LPQ’s Upper East Side and Bleecker Street Bakery is a MUST Try! Personally, I had not had some yummy healthy bread like this in a long time, I usually have to defrost my GF bread!
The GF bread is made by blending organic buckwheat, oat and corn flour and is bursting with your favorite seed selections… from Chia, to Flax, Sesame and Sunflower Seeds… there are so many healthy benefits to munching on this GF Bread, you won’t gene be able to keep track!

So next time you see a Le Pain Quotidien stop on in and pick up a slice, I promise you won’t regret it!

Just make sure to pick up one of their amazing preserves while you are at it, my favorite is the Berry one!