Top No Talk Topics At Work

Ladies, we love sharing with our girlfriends but there is a major difference between lunching with your lady friends and hanging in your dirty laundry at work (literally).

So while you may want to be friends with everyone at your job, it doesn’t necessarily have to be by sharing too much.

To save you some time and bad glares from those who judge where your career may go, try to opt not to mention these topics by the water cooler.

Love Life 

This is by far a favorite topic for many to talk about at work especially since they are the first people you see after  date night, but opt to keep this in a controlled conversation. Your dating scene could give the wrong perceptions of you when your work self may be completely different.

Fam Feuds 

Your work family does not need to be involved with your real family. Keep them separate!

Personal Problems 

Leave them at the door unless you want your personal issues to affect your professional career and maybe land you in the human resources office.


It doesn’t matter what you feel like complaining about, keep a filter on it or your diarrhea mouth will send your career down the toilet.