Y These Bites May Be Dangerous

With the World Health Organization labeling processed meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs, there are a number of foods we eat daily. So while we should watch out for that type of meat, there are a number of things we eat daily that may be just as harmful!

What’s that?

Microwave Popcorn

That popcorn you grab at while you’re watching your favorite flick. Yup. Not the movie theater kind, but the one you pop into the microwave. That can cause cancer.

Canned Foods

So most canned foods, because of what the can is lined with, is considered carcinogenic. The chemical lining called BPA (bisphenol-A) is said to cause cancer. So next time you, pop that can, think about what you’re putting your body.

Potato Chips

Thanks to the amount of artificial flavors, preservatives and colors along with the fact they are deep fried, potato chips have something called acrylmide which is said to be a carcinogen.

Artificial Sweeteners 

So when you think you’re cutting your calories, you’re actually ingesting things that may be considered toxic. Various studies have shown that some artificial sweeteners contain aspartame which when it’s broken down, produces chemicals in the body that are said to cause cancer.


A glass is good but studies have shown overdoing it could actually put you at risk of breast cancer.