Easy Ensaladilla Rusa


‘Ensaladilla Rusa’ or ‘Russian Salad’ is quite the perfect accompaniment for any Sunday BBQ or Brunch. It is a traditional Potato Salad originally invented in 1860s Russia, by the chef of ‘Hermitage’ in Moscow; which became a popular staple in many European, South American and even Middle Eastern countries. Today the salad only incorporates vegetables, but back in the mid- 20th Century, you could find ham, tongue, anchovies, sausage or even fish mixed into the salad! Here is my simple Y version of the salad…

L’s Ensaladilla Rusa:

Begin by placing one large pot of water with 1 Tsp. of Salt to boil & add:

1 bag of sliced Russet potatoes (Boil for 15-20 Minutes)

Set aside 1 cup of the starchy boiled water, drain potatoes and dice into 2 in. cubes

Boil 2 Cups of Frozen Mixed Vegetables (5 min.), drain and set aside


1 Cup of Mayonnaise

1 Tsp. of Ground Pepper

1 Tbsp. of Salt

1 Can of Solid White Albacore Tuna

Mix and stir in ½ a cup of the starchy boiled water (continue to add water according to consistency)

Place in serving dish, top with sliced roasted red pepper & Dried Parsley

Cool (approximately two hours in the refrigerator) & Serve!

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