Global Champagne Day


“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life” -Charles Dickens

Yes, Yes we know it is not New Years Eve… But today, October 23rd, is actually recognized as the 6th Annual Global Champagne Day!

The Champagne region about 90 miles northeast of Paris, France has been the center for what is arguably France’s best-known wine since the 17th century, when the innovative monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, is credited with bringing a sparkle to champagne.

As sparkling wine became the dominant style of production in the region of Champagne during the mid-19th century, Pérignon’s tricks of the trade played grave influence in bubbling the formula… he avoided re-fermentation and didn’t allow the grapes to be trodden, favoring the use of multiple presses to help minimizing the maceration of the juice and using only natural processes, without the addition of foreign substances!

Although it is more affordable to buy, let’s say a Cava or Prosecco versus Champagne, there is more to the difference between the two than just cost… it’s about the diversity and complexity in the notes of the wine, and depth of taste… whereas prosecco is about lightness and simplicity, Champagne is a bit more of an acquired full-bodied taste, ranging from bone-dry to sickly sweet

From Paris and Hong Kong, today millions of wine lovers around the world will be raising their flutes in the name of good cheer. So Y not celebrate a little today, it is Friday after all right?


Champagne ranges anywhere from least sweet and more on the dry side to most sweet and least dry…
Hence they are categorized a little something like this:
Brut (dry)
Extra Dry (medium dry)
Sec (slightly sweet)
Demi-Sec (very sweet).

A bit more rare to cross your taste buds, because of their extreme taste…
Extra Brut (extremely dry)
Doux (extremely sweet)

Coco Chanel once said… “I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not”