Wedding Week: Bridal Shower


Bridal Showers are distinctly known as a right of passage, a moment to garner advice from female friends and family, before a brides ‘Big Day’.

Two young Miami women, Andrea and Veronica Gonzalez, saw a generational calling to have some vintage mystique brought back to the tradition of showers. We sat down with Veronica to learn a little more about what this South Miami Treasure has to offer:


“We really love this kind of look and we grew up in Miami so there really wasn’t anything like that here, so we wanted to create that here.”

And create it they certainly have, these ladies were inspired by an antique dollhouse they purchased, and their décor certainly bodes essence to it… from the golden chandeliers, vintage closet nestled in the back room and ‘Harney & Son’s’ Tea in the dining room, it’s a three dimensional dollhouse!

“We started off as just being a boutique, and then we have a very Victorian- Old- fashioned atmosphere in a house kind of environment and setting so a lot of people wanted to start having tea parties here and it kind of took off…”

Veronica explained how varied showers could be, from a traditional High Tea to the most popular choice, the ‘Romantic’ themed Tea…

“With the Romantic theme design we have we have topiaries with flowers… Victorian bird cages with actual live birds inside, little finches that tweet throughout your party…”



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