Living Off thY Cuff… Vegas Edition!

IMG_7291.JPGLooking to spice things up this weekend and do something unexpected and crazy with your significant other?

Here is a thought… Y Not, hop on a plane and go to Vegas for the weekend!

I know it may sound completely insane, and so out of character, but sometimes that is precisely what we need in life! When we resort to throwing away the rule book and living off the cuff, we take chances in life, which we may never get the opportunity to have again.

Planning is amazing, don’t get me wrong, frankly you don’t get more of an over-planner than myself… but sometimes, just sometimes, don’t you want to be swept off your feet with an out of this world surprise? One where YOU didn’t have to plan EVERYTHING and can just live in the exciting and magical moment of the adventure…

Well The Y Life, decided it wanted a little of that adventure for ourselves so we went to Las Vegas for 48 hours and picked some cool and unique little adventures on and off The Strip and wanted to share them with each and every one of you!


First and foremost, we all know that saying, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, right? Well, in Vegas they seem to think so too! It doesn’t fail, every time I visit Sin City I make sure to save some room for the sin of calories I will be consuming at the 24 hour diner, which is a Vegas staple, The Peppermill!

Founded in December of 1972, the Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge has remained an iconic relic of the Vintage Vegas Strip… with its amazingly oversized portions, the menu today is just as classic as ever, in fact, they even feature dishes from the original 1970s menu, like their fresh fruit salad with banana nut bread and marshmallow sauce (a MUST have), the ambrosia French toast and what would a diner be without a famous burger paired with a homemade Bloody Mary and you are good to go!

Open 24-hour like the Strip itself, the Peppermill Restaurant vibe will have you feeling like you are on the set of a classic film like “Casino” and “Showgirls”, which both shot in the diner… Just imagine you are munchin’ on your pancakes next to where Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis once sat to eat their flapjacks, or hamming it up with Floyd Mayweather!

Sometimes you just need to flash back in time and the Peppermill makes it happen time and time again, from the neon clad walls and purple velvet booths to the enormous cherry blossom trees (fake, but of course!) that seem to be the main attraction, the Peppermill will never disappoint!

IMG_7230.JPGOnce you have stuffed your belly, and done a little betting, you will suddenly realize you need an afternoon jolt to keep the energy up for the rest of your Vegas adventure! So Y Not head on over to the Paris Hotel and check out their newest Chocolate factory HEXX Chocolate and Confexxions!

The Free Chocolate Kitchen Tours at Paris Las Vegas come in true bean-to-bar form! You see, HEXX only uses cacao beans sourced from the best farms located 20 degrees north and south of the equator, and then crafts flavorful chocolate confections using these beans from different regions, featuring growers from the international chocolate community.

One of my favorite parts about the experience… HEXX chocolate only uses two ingredients: cacao beans and organic palm sugar! So if you are filled with allergies like me, you can actually enjoy the Vegetarian and GF Friendly confections.

The best part is you not only get to check out the kitchen which transforms these beans into that luscious chocolate, we love to eat, but you can also watch and experience the process of chocolate making at our chocolate counter as you are walked through the various flavors from around the world that make up HEXX chocolate menu and you get to see which beans your taste buds prefer!

Did I mention, it was FREE!!! P.S. the bars are like 6 Bucks, so pick up a few to take home with you, or make a reservation for Dinner at their adjacent restaurant, so you can see how Chocolate can be infused in the savory as well as the sweet!

Okay, Okay… I know what you are thinking, now you are craving dinner, but want something quaint, yet cool, maybe off the strip to get away from the hustle and bustle of Vegas?

IMG_7290.JPGWell then I have just the place for you… Lotus Of Siam Thai Restaurant is a classic must have dinner in Vegas!

Now it is quite the popular place, so you won’t be able to grab a table without reservations, but the food is a must!

In November of 1999 Chef Saipin and her husband Bill took over a small whole in the strip mall wall of Las Vegas, called Lotus of Siam. Since then, Saipin’s Asian Cuisine has become a must for anyone from the famed of Hollywood whose pictures strewn the walls of the restaurant to global foodies alike! They even have the acclaims to prove it, after receiving praise from almost every single foodie publication, to receiving the James Beard Award and the Gourmet Magazine review, Chef Saipin’s distinct take on Thai, will have you waiting in long lines to dine on her 100 year old recipes passed down from generation to generation in the Chutima family!

You see her grandmothers influenced her northern style of cooking, and shown a light away from the sweet and tangy Bangkok style for Saipin, which she made sure would have its presence heard in the states. Lotus of Siam’s northern menu incorporates lots of hearty herbs and spices, like some of my favorites, found in the the Basil and Pepper Shrimp, or the divine sweetness your can savor from the Veggie and Shrimp Lotus Fried Rice!

So check out some of L’s and The Y Life’s favorite places to dine in Vegas and let us know what you think!