Fall’s Pumpkin Packed Benefits

Just in time for Fall,  pumpkin themed foods are popping up sooner than you thought.

From punpkins galore at the produce to pumpkin pies.

But there is one of those in particular that you may want to keep an eye out for — pumpkin seeds.

They may not be the most scrumptious item to get for Fall but they have a kick of benefits and they come sweet and bitter.

Packed With Protein 

They’re a great source of plant-based fiber for those who don’t eat meat and need another source for protein. Don’t overload though, one cup will do.

Host Of Healthy Fats 

The label for the fat may scare you but don’t stress, they are good and it’s something we don’t get enough.

Cold Preventer 

A cup is packed with almost the daily requirement of zinc which is great to build a strong immune system. This is great in time for colder temps which may get you down.

Bolsters Your Beauty 

Pumpkin seeds  are a great source of antioxidants which help bolster your beauty, helping your body fight free radicals whcause aging.

Happy Helpers 

While they are not a replacement for a positive point of view, these seeds are said to help improve your mood. That’s a great state to be in for Fall if you ask me!