U hang your SuperMoon

Don’t forget to hang the moon tonight… 

Sometimes in life it takes a full moon to help you realize your full potential. 

Tonight is a rare sight for Skywatchers, a TOTAL Supermoon Eclipse; Not only is this an incredible sight, of an extra-large, extra-bright “supermoon” — but it’s the last opportunity of the year for Americans to witness any kind of eclipse at all! 

In fact, this Super phenomenon is extremely rare, happening perhaps just five times in a century… To put it into perspective, the last Supermoon eclipse was in 1982, and there won’t be another until 2033!!!

All folks in the Lower 48 states will be able to view the blood-red moon hanging in the sky tonight… And if you happen to be in South America, Africa or Europe, you too will be able to catch the magic! 

The total lunar eclipse, which is where the moon becomes completely engulfed in the center of the Earth’s shadow, or umbra, begins around 10 this evening, lasting for a little more than an hour before things brighten up again! 

So peek out your window and make a wish upon your moon!