Daughter’s Day

daughter [daw-ter] (noun)

a female child or person in relation to her parents.
any female descendant.
a person related as if by the ties binding daughter to parent: daughter of the church.
a female offspring especially of human parents


Daughter’s Day!

The Y Life, salutes daughters and their parents on this day; ‘Daughterhood’ is the state of being a daughter… a compilation of precious moments, love, dreams, heart, will, strength, courage, empowerment, smiles, ribbons and pearls.

In some societies it is customary to proprietize ‘Daughterhood’… sons are assumed as the most valuable, because they will carry on the familial crest. Daughters are merely property, that will be sold to the highest bidder with a dowry (a transfer of parental property at the marriage of a daughter).
Even Today.

In most western nations of the first world… ‘Daughterhood’, is not only a respected relationship, but the female child is praised and coddled, until she has matured into womanhood. When young girls are caught between the paradigm of becoming a woman and yet still being a child, their compass is usually found within their mother or father, for that they will forever steer near to the roots established by their creators.

The characteristics or relationship of a daughter and her parents is unique, like no other, because there is a sense of belonging that is frankly irreplaceable and irrevocable. Daughters learn to love from their parents, whether for good or bad, their heartbreaks are bittersweet and they are forever guided by the northern star of family.

Y Having a daughter is one of my dreams…
I think every Ywoman would dream of having a daughter. As it would be with any child, the opportunity to mold a being, is incompatible in risk and reward. But a daughter will be your forever friend, she will be your sun and your moon, she will be the best parts of you, your chance to make right with your dreams and the second chance to fall in love.

In life there are rarely second chances and when you get a hold of one, you hold on to it as tight as you can… A daughter is a second chance!