Can’t Sleep? Do This…

You’re tossing. You’re turning and you’re almost at the end of the week but still you find yourself not able to power down for the night.

Well when you can’t sleep, work with it. By that, I mean opting to do something else for a bit to take the pressure off getting to bed. Who knows, it may help.

Book it
For instance, catch up on that book you’ve been been wanting to finish or start.

Pin it
Check out some cute pictures, ideas and articles on Pinterest. It’ll help get your mind off the stress of trying to sleep and you may even have fun getting some new ideas from the site.

List it
Restlessness can sometimes be a cause of stress. It may help you to list the things you have to do the next day so that they’re out of your mental list and onto paper. It may even help you organize your day better.

Write it
Got something on your mind? Put it down on paper. By writing it out, it may help you get it out and work it out. Not to mention keep a record of your thoughts.