Every Y Needs 2 Fynd Her SuperFreak

“She’s been lookin’ for Mr. Right so long
But all she’s found is Mr. Wrong
And that’s the pits
She’s drawn a line that she won’t cross
Her and time are facing off
She says something’s gotta give” -LeAnn Rimes

Inspired on this MixIt Monday, by a LeAnn Rimes classic song ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ and one of my favorite T-shirt’s, which sports the phrase ‘SUPERFREAK’ in large capital letters! Those letters got me to thinking and feeling a bit free-er today, than I had in a long time… As I was listening to Rimes track, I had a bit of an epiphany, it seems as though I’ve been doing ME all wrong!

Something DOES have to give and that something is… ME!

Life is like a coloring book and Y women have been trained since childhood that we must color in the lines. Boy is it the pits or what when you step back and realize, you have been doodling all over the page throughout the past 20 Years. Fate has a way of twisting your expectations and the strangest moments are seemingly the ones that will make you feel the most alive.

Just last week I went to visit my OBGYN, as I went to sign in, I was bombarded with pamphlets and flyers on nursing, infant cord tissue conservation and fertility treatments! Now you know I can’t lie to you… That moment totally tripped me out, as it probably does every other single Y who goes to sign in at her Gynecologist, right? The Main reason Y? Because I realized I am ‘facing off with time’… just like the song!

This is it! For gosh sakes, I am part of the cliché… my clock is ticking, apparently the pamphlet says I have an expiration date, and the best part is… It took me 27 years to realize that all I needed to do was to be the best ‘SUPERFREAK’ I could be and everything else would color into place!

It’s all about ‘Letting Go‘ and allowing the room within your personal sphere of comfort to burst out of her conformist tendencies and bring out her Inner FREAK in a SUPER way! I don’t mean 50 Shades of Great, although that does sound like the type of fun, that could have me using those pamphlets… But, you see it’s about untying the knot, with the societal stereotypes, engraved upon each and every one of us, which doesn’t allow us to feel accepted if we happen to be the girl who colors outside the lines.

But ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘…

“Something’s gotta give me butterflies
Something’s gotta make me feel alive
Something’s gotta give me dreams at night
Something’s gotta make me feel alright
I don’t know where it is
But something’s gotta give” -LeAnn Rimes

In order to become SUPER woman, we have to live up to our fullest potential… WE have to take chances on the moments that scare us the most, WE have to empower ourselves with courage and not by showing one another our self-doubt projected through jealousy, WE must be the guiding compass that paves the way for future generations, WE mustn’t settle… just because society tells us we are ‘expiring’, WE must believe in our inner SUPERFREAK and let her shine, WE must wait till the day we have our breath taken away by LOVE and fight for it when we do, WE must release our fears into the sea and let her salt heal our wounds not deepen them… WE deserve to be the Ywomen we dreamed of becoming before WE started to mute our intuition, WE must throw out those coloring books of logic and make our own lines!