Yspiration: Etiquette 101

There are certain things that tick people off. Everyone has a pet peeve but while we all have different ones,  I think the one we can all agree on that bothers us is being inconsiderate and having others be inconsiderate with you.

From something big to something small, it can tick us off and really make our day get a bit bitter. But these situations can be avoided by following some simple rules of etiquette for other ladies and gents in the world. Now some of these may seem obvious but some may need a refresher. Who knows. You may missing some of these and not even know it.

As in:

  1. If you’re entering a room, elevator or public transportation, let the other person or people walk out first before walking in. It’s common courtesy.
  2. When traveling, if you see someone struggling with their luggage, offer that person help. You would want someone to help you if you were struggling.
  3. When you’re eating, chew and swallow before you talk. No one wants to see what you’re chewing on!
  4. “Please” and “thank you” may not get you extremely far but they are always appreciated.
  5. Clean up your area after you use things in public places. This includes bathrooms, desks, kitchens, etc.

The main thing is do not do what you wouldn’t want done to you and do what you would want done to you! Have a good week ahead!