The EDM Phenomenon


I have been interested in understanding the cultural revolution of Electronic Dance Music, a.k.a. EDM, for some time now. With EDM acts selling out Madison Square Garden in just minutes, millions of social media followers and Forbes noting record profits… EDM producers are now gravely noted as highly influential within the social context of Gen Y culture. Digital music accounts for 32% of all record label revenue and those revenues are expected upwards of $20 billion dollars by 2015 according to Forbes. (

I approached in demand label ‘Dim Mak Studios’ with hopes to garner some guidance; after what seemed like much deliberation, I received a response that surmounted to ‘no comment’.

I felt slighted when I couldn’t find anyone with the adequate eloquence to accurately describe the logistics of EDM. But, let our hearts not be troubled, I found a Y who quite frankly surprised me with his tenacity, knowledge and understanding of music. Shane Vernon is one of the owners of ‘Red Rabbit Presents;’ Vernon’s company works with producers and DJ’s to host Electronic Dance Music events. Vernon can’t escape his conviction for music on our historical journey of EDM; applaud him I must, he even brings ME to appreciate the genre!


Shane began by explaining the digital correlation that ‘Forbes’ made… regarding 21st -century technological advances being a leading factor for inspiring the growth of digital music. You see, the lives of Gen Y’s have developed in real time with an electronic foundation; furthermore, it continues to go in that direction at a rapid, rapid rate, because technology is now a necessity for Gen Y’s to feel satisfied.

“A little deeper under the surface, I think this whole electronic music craze has a lot of societal undertones. And I hear you speak of Generation Y… we would be ignorant to ignore the fact that all across the planet there’s tens of thousands of Generation Y’s meeting together on a regular basis in the name of this music; and I think a lot of things play into that, number one EDM’s first word ‘electronic’… because everything is produced electronically.”

I went on to ask Shane about the correlation between technology and Gen Y’s?

“The next generation of kids, as far as they go, is as far as technology will take them; whether I’m putting my notebook away, and now I use my iPad rather than paper, now I put the instrument down and I use my computer to produce music… I think it’s a direct parallel to where we are as a society and not so much pop-culture, but I think it could be looked at and analyzed much deeper than just pop-culture and I think that’s the main reason why kids are gravitating to it so quickly.”

Shane, is this a new occurrence or have we seen revolutions like this in the past?

“Well, I think we try to put too much pressure on trying to generalize everything, instead of just letting the music, just be music, now it’s all electronic… People here in the United States seem to forget that electronic music isn’t new, it’s from the late 80s and early 90s, and it’s what disco turned into, with the advancement of technology… So now with these big time EDM DJ’s coming over here [from Europe] and producing the tracks of already famous pop-stars, it was just an entrance directly to the top, they didn’t have to climb any ladders or go through many struggles, they were already producing with the biggest American pop artists who Generation Y were already in love with.”

Finally, someone dissected the grave correlation between how Generation Y’s intense drive to share their world over the internet and social media, perfectly blends with the anxiety of a recession stricken youth, and exploded at the most opportune time to motivate an escape into Electronic Dance Music.


Listen to more of Shane’s interview: Red Rabbit Interview with Shane Vernon and Lauren


This young entrepreneur goes on to tells us the scope of Y’s he hopes Red Rabbit can reach by taking the music produced by DJ’s he works with, to markets that haven’t been saturated by mainstream ideals.

“We are very focused on the music, we’ve always been on what’s next… so we want to go international, the reason I say South America, is because I feel they are more receptive to what’s different, when you take a new brand from America of course they want to see it, they’re excited to see it.”

20130720-102332.jpgYou 2 can be a part of the revolution, “Leave your inhabitations @ the door… throw on your dancing shoes and follow the Red Rabbit”…

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