A Drink For A Problem

You’re almost in the middle of the week! Congratulations on surviving and making it with mostly a smile on your face. Meantime, there may have been some bumps in the road like ailments that made your week a bit harder but fear no more there are some quick remedies using what you may already drink!


For a headache, opt for some fresh lemonade which also helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body.


Grab some ginger ale from a convenience store or vending machine.  The ginger helps soothe your stomache and it’s tasty!


Peppermint tea can help get rid of some of that fatigue but don’t just sip it, sniff it too. The smell will help re-energize you a bit.


For those with the opposite problem, opt for some chamomile tea to help soothe your restless mind but tired body. The tea helps calm you down a bit so you can get to bed.


Kava tea is great to help calm you down a bit if your anxious. Yogi which is in most major stores carries a Kava tea. I use this when I am anxious or have problems resting.