Things You’re Doing That May Ruin Your Skin

While enjoying the last few weeks of summer, you may be trying to get some last few tanning days or some long summer nights in with friends but some things you may be doing may not be the best thing for your skin and you may not even realize you’re doing them.  So for this Sundayspiration, we’re helping your become inspired to have better skin by avoiding these bad summer habits .

Post-Pool Regimen 

Too much chlorine in the pool may not mean much to you, but if you take a dip in the pool and don’t rinse it off properly, that could dry out your skin or cause a bad reaction with your beauty products.

Not Enough Water

Not enough water in your daily regimen can affect not only your skin but also your health. Water keeps your hydrated but it also helps your body remove toxins by peeing. Whether you forget to drink water or don’t like the taste, just make sure to do it or else you’ll end up with dry and not so glowing skin.

Skipping On The Sunscreen

Not putting sunscreen on and getting out in the sun is no good for your skin. You may think its a small step to skip in your beauty regimen but over time, too much exposure to UV rays will have a bigger effect on your skin and your health. Don’t skip it!

Sleeping With Your Makeup 

After a nice summer outing with friends, you may be too tired to take off your make up or just lazy, This may cost you! The make up clogs your pores and could cause bacterial infections while it’s on overnight.