Community Views Of Police

Tensions keep rising between the police and the community. It seems like everyday we have another cop attacked or another person claiming abuse at the hands of an officer.

Between Ferguson to the officer killed in Texas, have you stopped to wonder what is going on? Why have these tensions all of a sudden come to light?

It makes me ask if things were always like this or if they just kept escalating to the point it is now especially when it comes to the topic of race.

According to a national survey by Pew Research Center and USA TODAY, the public’s overall perception of relations between blacks and whites had changed slightly since 2009.

About 69% of the public said whites and blacks in the U.S. get along ” very well” or “pretty well.”

When you break the results up between races though, there is a bit of disparity.

When it comes to whites, 75% think both races get along well.

As for blacks, their view of relations between races had dropped in the past five years from 76% to 64%.

Now , when it comes to their faith in police, there is an even wider gap.

About 70% of blacks said the police departments around the U.S. did a “poor job” in holding officers accountable for misconduct and that  officers do a “poor” job of treating racial groups equally.

As for whites, 37% said police did an “excellent” or “good job” of holding officers accountable for misconduct. About 1% less said they do a good job a treating racial groups equally.


With popular opinion not having changed much in the past 6 years, it makes you wonder what elements are agitating the tensions. Was it the deaths or is it the press or is it just that people had enough?

It’s a major topic of conversation in our generation, not to mention something some may have to deal with daily, tensions between cops and the community.

As a generation what can we do to fix this and create peace between those who are meant to protect us and the community. What must each side do for peace?