Beauty is in the B’s of lYfe..

One of the key lessons to be learned in lYfe, is to gather up the crumbs left behind from your experiences learned… taking those failures, successes and converting them into transforming your fait! This is how the stars will cross on your journey and you begin to appreciate that truth as you turn from curb to crossroad.

The B’s of lYfe are more than just those Bee’s who sweeten your world, when you steep some of their Honey in your Tea… because it’s the everyday “B’s” of lYfe remind us to take a second to honor ourselves and our ability to Be.

There is a grand reason we refer to ourselves as human beings, but the thing is, we tend to forget what those two words can truly mean. The “Be”ing validates the humanity and accounts for its discrepancies reminding our human instinct of its purpose.

So when we refer to “Being” one must remember, the fluid and present action of the Verb ’To Be’ … and throughout the decorum of lYfe we accept the actions of our human and hope to better our ‘Being’… Right?

We can never forget to see beauty, feel beauty, project beauty and be beauty you want to see in the world.

Beauty is in the B’s of lYfe…

B … Present

B … Honest

B … Humble

B … Brave

B … Kind

B … Faithful

B … YOU!