Rainy Day Saves

Even if a hurricane is not coming at you, you can’t avoid the rain nor can your adorable look and weekend outfit. Unless you’re a meteorologist, you may not always know when rain is coming and your weather app might save you a little too late.

For those moments, especially when we’re running around, there are some rainy season saves that have come in handy for me and now I pass them on to you.

Always Keep Rain Boots & An Umbrella in Your Car 

It’s a simple trick many reporters and weather people do that save you from ruining those great shoes and outfit. It will keep you ready, rain or shine. They boots are also helpful for when you get into an icky situation like a muddy or dirty area. Don’t procrastinate! Just do it! You will be happy you have them on hand!

Frizz-Ease & Hairspray Will Save You

Go to Target or Wal-Mart, get a small frizz-ease bottle and a travel size hair spray and put them in your office drawer or glove compartment. Partner it with a small styling brush and your set to control any frizz that comes your way thanks to humidity!

RainX Will Make Things Clear 

You can find this spray at a supermarket, Wal-Mart, Target and even online. Spray this on the windshield of your car (front & back) and let it sit for the designated amount of time then wipe it off. It doesn’t seem like anything but when you’re caught in a heavy storm, the rain droplets roll right off!

Protect The Tech

With all the technology we have and how expensive it’s getting, you can’t afford to lose your phone due to a short circuit from lightning. If you don’t have one and you know there is a storm coming, try and charge it beforehand. But for other occasions, make sure to have your electronics connected to a surge protector.