‘Where Hope Grows’… We Grow!


It’s Friday night and what you need more than anything is… a little dose of inspiration, right?

I have just the thing to grant you that dose of joy… ‘Where Hope Grows’ is a recently released film about a baseball player, Calvin Campbell, whose professional baseball career with the Detroit Tigers was cut short due to personal problems and addictions.

Actor Kristoffer Polaha, plays Campbell, he is that eye candy you may remember from The CW’s ‘Life Unexpected’, is in the midst of attempting to raise his teenage daughter while battling an alcohol addiction, when he is suddenly awakened and invigorated by a young-man named Produce, who works at the local grocery store.

Actor David DeSanctis, plays the character of Produce, and hands down he magically achieves his every goal as an actor, by invoking the audience into falling in love with his very charismatic and inspirational sense of self. DeSanctis has Down syndrome and his truth seeps from his every scripted word on screen, with the full effervescence of his persona. DeSanctis will have you emotionally warped into a world where ‘hope’ is not only present, frankly it’s inevitable.

By renting this film, you will be going along for a journey of self-growth and discovery, as the unveiling of the human paradigm is fashioned into Broken Dreams, a Faltering Spirit and the inevitability of Rebirth! As the characters weave their truths and learned experiences together, they are imprinted upon Campbell’s life story, capsuled by his slow downward spiral. Then, as he begins to see the world through Produce’s eyes, their friendship blossoms and in turn, they become more like a family, than anything else.

Produce introduces the world of the Faith to Campbell and through that hope known to believers, as the goodness procured from the relics of belief drip through his veins like an intravenous dose of strength, he learns how to cope with life, by facing his biggest fear, himself.

So tune on your tube and click On Demand, for two hours of hopeful inspiration.