Lazy Girl’s Guide To Weekend Beauty

The weekend is almost here and you’re thinking about plans but wait you have to be presentable for those plans. 

Okay, take tonight to do a little work to pep you up for the weekend festivities. Take a look at what I consider my lifesaver list of the lazy girl’s guide to weekend beauty! 

Eyebrow check 

Make sure you got those bushels in check. We don’t want weird expressions or helga unibrow showing up in pictures. Same goes for that supposedly non existent mustache. Check it and take it off. 

Nail it!

Check those babies. If you don’t have time to paint them, at least file them down and make sure your nails are clean! 

Tame Your Mane 

For those who haven’t had time to wash their hair, you know who you are. Wash it and style it a bit. Put a playlist on so you can sing along while you’re in the shower. 


If your hectic week hasn’t let you stay as hydrated as you would have liked because of too much coffee and too little time, now is the time to catch up. Get some water and squeeze some lemon into it for a kick of benefits. Staying hydrated helps your body get rid of toxins and keep your skin glowing. Don’t forget moisturize too! 

Get Your Beauty Rest 

It’s the most important thing when it comes to looking good! Make sure to get some sleep so your body can recuperate from the week and be ready for some festivities. Night night!