Pamper Me Please… 


Mario Badescu Spa NYC

It’s back to school and whether you are a Y Teacher, Y Parent, Y Student or just a Y who is frustrated with the uptake in Back To School Traffic... You will be in dire need of some much needed ME time, pampering yourself this week!

One of my favorite spots to get a little pampering is The MARIO BADESCU skin care center in New York City… Never heard of it? Its a hidden gem, trust me you will LOVE it too!

Established in 1967 the Mario Badescu skincare line has been known for its incredible array of products and botanical skin care treatments, which have been improving folks skin clarity and texture for nearly 50 years.

The 35 room salon and spa is nestled in Midtown Manhattan… They provide facial and body treatments to celebrities and folks just like you and me alike! From Sugar and Dead Sea Salt to Almond & Honey Scrubs and Seaweed Body Wraps… even Mani’s, Pedi’s and Waxing/Threading… your wish is MB’s command!

Now let’s be honest some of these spas have more complicated menu’s than the Cheesecake Factory… and when all you want is the perfect simplicity, which gives you the ultimate choice of what you want and what you don’t… this might just be your spot! The ‘Service and Products Menu’ is one of the easiest to read through, it’s clear and concise with everything you need to know about your chosen processes, before even going into the room. The best part is, it might be located in the heart of Manhattan, but it’s AFFORDABLE!
A European inspired facial will start off at $65 and then your esthetician will recommend any extra bonuses she thinks will improve your skin, if you wish you can add them and if not they won’t mind!

The experience is not just relaxing, but their care for your skin will be apparent the second that steamer turns on. From the cleansing, to the extraction process every step of the way is illustrated for you and done with such delicate care for your skin’s well being…. that it turns what could be monotonous routine experience, into a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing morning! P.S… It will make your skin feel 10 years YOUNGER!

So who is Mario Badescu? Well, Badescu was a Romanian-born skin care specialist, who was also a chemist and a cosmetologist. Part of his mission was so help provide men and women alike, with the confidence necessary to have healthy, clean and radiant skin!

Known to have treated some of Hollywood’s most famous faces, as they looked to his products and salon as a proven commodity for healthy and happy skin! Badescu’s botanically-based skin care line, was expertly designed with the benefit that you are not only able to pronounce every ingredient on the label, but with the no frill packaging theory… in fact, it’s one of their guiding principles, meant to keep the prices just as simple!

I know it’s a lil’ crazy to think Y’s can just hop on a plane for a facial, right? BUT, here is the secret… you can buy any of Mario Badescu’s products on their website (Click Here) or even via your nearest Nordstrom Department Store and try out some of the skin care products like scrubs and masks, which you can do yourself at home, and they will really make a huge difference on your skin!

L’s ‘Mario Badescu’ Must Have List…

Cucumber Make-Up Remover Cream, Collagen Moisturizer, Dermonectin Eye Cream and Special Healing Powder (This one is especially good for those white heads that spruce up, during that time of the month)!!!