A Spritz For Health

A “spritz” of lemon in your daily H20 can keep you in tip top shape.

The benefits of  this produce goes beyond flavoring your food.

According to livestrong.com, lemon water can be the answer to prevent or remedy certain ailments.

This plump, yellow fruit cleanses your system by preventing bacteria build up and keeping our delicate bodies clean!

A Pioneer  in the natural food industry, Jethro Kloss, talks about other benefits of lemon water  in his book “Back to Eden.”

According to Kloss, lemon also stimulates the liver which helps clean out toxins from our bodies. Yes, please!

For those brainiacs, lemon water also nourishes the brain and nerve cells.

There are no shortcuts so avoid imitation or processed juice! Your lemons must be fresh in order for your body to reap the  full benefits.

The recommended dosage of this bitter treat is 2 glasses a day.

Lets drink to our health!

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