Rock Your Run

It’s a daily struggle sometimes to stay motivated while running.

At first, it starts off all good with you rocking to the song that you know always motivates you. It could even be a song that reminds you of something that makes you want to haul butt. Whatever it is, after the mix is over or if you get bored of your playlist, what happens then.

You can opt for music streaming but if you don’t pay for the service, you’re stuck with only a handful of skips then you’re just hoping the next song that comes on is one that you like.

Well… the Rocky My Run app helps take that mess away and makes mixes specifically for your runs.

You can opt for their pre-made mixes with titles like “Rock My 5K, “G Mode” and “World On Fire.”

If you don’t even want to pick the mix, the app does it for you by using mixes that sync to your steps, if you buy their exclusive rockstar feature.

The point is, the mixes are there to help you help yourself and keep you going on that run! Did we mention it monitors your pace!?

The RockMyRun app works with iPhones!