Survey: Americans, Latins Approve U.S. Cuba Ties

(Source: Facebook/ Embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba)

(Source: Facebook/
Embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba)

Mixed emotions are flying a day after the U.S. Embassy raised the American flag in Cuba after 54 years.

While politics may not be the best topic to talk about, this is something that has affected past generations and will affect ours especially for those who have family ties to Cuba.

Despite the beautiful ceremony, there is no denying the history. The Castro Regime separated families, ended peoples lives and made many people suffer, and repressed many simply because they did not have the same political belief. So much so, Cubans are willing to load their few belongings on a raft and take their chances at sea for a better life.

But there is also the argument that, the U.S. embargo against Cuba has not worked and renewed relations are needed whether it be for political reasons, to open a conversation on human rights, etc.

Whatever your opinion may be, Pew Research Center wanted to find out what the majority of Americans thought about this. What they found was that the majority of Americans and those in Latin America are for renewed relations between the U.S. & Cuba.

Nearly 73% of Americans want the renewed relations.

As for people in Latin America, the center surveyed those in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.

Seventy-Seven of the people across those countries were also for the renewed relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

Mexico was the nation that had the lowest approval, coming in at 54%.

While most Americans approve the new relations, U.S. Congress is the only one that can approve lifting the embargo on Cuba. That is something that is being opposed by numerous Florida lawmakers.

While lifting the embargo may be on the table for discussion, we have to ask ourselves if we believe Cuba will work with the U.S. when it comes to bringing some form of democracy there? Will Cubans get the right to vote for their leader?

Do you believe this is possible?