Late Night Inspiration

I know exactly what you are thinking… It’s almost midnight on a Friday evening and you are craving nothing but… SUGAR!

The other side of the Sweet Tooth coin, is the guilt you will suddenly feel fall upon your heart…
So when this ravaging craving filled desire befalls you, what should you do?!

First and foremost, pour yourself a cup of HOT water and squeeze in a slice or two of Lemon! Besides this remedy being my morning routine, it’s a wonderful aide to pacing yourself at dinner, because the acidity in the warm lemon juice fills your tummy, all the while curbing that sweet tooth!

ALWAYS have a cube of Extra Dark Chocolate on tap! You see one little square cube will satisfy the transmitters in your brain craving something sweet and naughty, but this trick comes along with basically none of the calories!

An easy trick to avoiding late night baking sessions of cookie dough bowls is also snacking on Fresh Fruit! Having a sliced apple with some Sunflower Seed Butter for dipping nearby, or even some Honey and Coconut Whipped Cream… Provides the sensation of treating your body, without actually have to change your entire weeks workout schedule to basically work off, a Chocolate Chip Cookie (as amazing as the thought of that may sound!)

It’s all about finding supplemental solutions that can act as detouring agents all while making you feel sweetly satisfied!