Top Flat Belly Foods To Snack On


Trying to keep within a healthy diet but not sure what is good to fuel you up? Yes, we know fruits, veggies, and little carbs but in your daily hubbub, sometimes you just need it in your face! What can you snack on?

Opt for:


Munch on these babies when a craving hits but don’t over indulge and opt for raw almonds. Also stick with only a handful of them.


This is not the tastiest treat but with the right dressing and protein mix like fish or chicken, it’s great and packed full of energy.

Black Beans 

While they get a bad rap for causing gas, black bean ctually help you feel full with a smaller portion than other foods.  You can also mix them in a number of salads so its versatile and cheap!


If you’re up for something light and slightly sweet,  try two slices of grapefruit with either some honey or stevia poured on top.