Always Clean Your… Brushes!


Well, Well, Well ladies if there is one thing we know at The Y Life, it’s that when Wednesday rolls around and you are in that prime hump of the week… There is nothing worse than finding your oil clogged pores have led to an outbreak of acne on your skin, right?! 

Throughout my years of blossoming into womanhood I suffered from severe allergies, which induced atrocious reactions like skin rashes and breakouts… so I happen to come from a stance of great understanding, on how imperative cleanliness is to having healthy skin! By this I don’t just mean eating a healthy clean diet and avoiding things like smoking, fried foods and too much alcohol, which act as little instigators in the health world, but by taking preventative measures like washing and toning your face DAILY! Even something as simple as making sure you have clean makeup brushes can make a huge impact on your skin!

The process is truly as Easy-As-1-2-3 and you will only need 3 Things! 

411 on Brush Cleaning: 

1. Luke Warm Water… First, always gently rinse your brushes with lukewarm water!

2. Brush Cleaner or Baby Shampoo… One pump of either of these two cleaners will work. 

YTip: Personally, for #2 I am a fan of Trish McEvoy’s Brush Cleaner! Y? Well… one pump truly does remove the excess build-up of dirt, oils and make-up which have accumulated on your brushes! For just $22, you can order the cleaner through Trish’s website and trust me, you won’t regret it! Trish’s line is safe for ALL skin types, and since her husband is a famed New York City dermatologist, one of her priorities is healthy skin and the proof is in the pudding! The key is in the use of essential oils like Lavender and Aloe, which help heal and not harm the skin! 

3. Rinse and Dry… After you rinse off the brush cleaner, with some of that lukewarm water again… Make sure to lay your wet brushes out at room temperature on an unused towel for drying. You are looking at a good 12 – 14 hours for natural air drying time, so you may want to plan accordingly! 

YTip: Everyone should be cleaning their brushes every 1 to 2 weeks … Y? To prevent the growth of bacteria from forming! You see, those oils and makeup will leave a decent amount of build up, along the crevices of the brush head and bristles and you must try to obliterate that bacteria before the brush goes right back onto your face! Eventually it just looks like make-up is still on the brushes.

We know Makeup Brushes can be expensive and a luxury item for many Y’s… so if you are looking for discounted brushes, you definitely want to check in with your local beauty supply for upcoming yearly sales, and you may be able to save a few dollars here and there! 

Makeup in general can set you back a few bucks, so if you can help the cause, by keeping your brushes clean, you are a step ahead of the game!