Parental Leave In A Y Workforce



It’s a wrap for BabY week but the ever-changing discussion on motherhood and fatherhood as a Gen Y is not over.

As a last thought though, we have decided to leave you with something that many Ys are considering important when having kids and also balancing a job…maternity and paternity leave.

While U.S. Parental leave policies don’t require companies to offer paid leave for new moms and dads, most companies do BUT our generation seems to be asking for more.

According to The Hartford’s Millennial Parenthood Survey, 89 percent of Gen Y moms took at least two weeks off after giving birth while 31 percent of new dads took the same amount.

Paid paternity is an ever-growing concern for many GenY men who are looking at the benefits when finding a job, according to a study by the Families and Work Institute.

While companies and Netflix and Microsoft are taking the lead on this by offering longer paid leave in the U.S., one begs to ask the question if other companies are listening to the demands of GenYers looking for jobs and also considering your family’s future. Is this a new trend?

So for those who don’t have kids yet, is it important to you? Would you not consider taking a job if they didn’t offer paid maternity or paternity?