Mix It Monday, BABY!

11830863_10153542217327139_895335361_nWelcome to BABY week on The Y Life where everything has gone BABY!

Everywhere we turn it’s Baby, Baby, Baby and it seems as though, Y’s are going into labor left and right, so G and I thought what could be better than exploring the world of BABY with some YTips and Tricks that could come in quite handy for new expecting Y Mama’s!

Per tradition today is Mix It Monday, BABY! This could only mean one thing, The Y Life needs to share some of our favorite baby tunes with you, and in this case those will be lullabies! Although G & L aren’t Mama’s quite yet, we know something that can soothe a baby when we hear it, so here are some of our selections!

In 2006 the Los Angeles Philharmonic teamed up with some very famous Hollywood friends to create an album of lullabies called ‘Unexpected Dreams- Songs From the Stars’! Scarlett Johansson, Taraji P. Henson, Jennifer Garner, Nia Vardalos, Julia Louis- Dreyfus, Lucy Lawless and Jeremy Irons are just some of the big names that put their spin on classic tunes and Baby-fied them, to help soothe your new little angel!

For just $0.99 on iTunes you can purchase any of the songs on the album, including some grand surprises like “My Heart Is So Full Of You” by Jennifer Garner, which is a beautifully composed song and who knew Garner had pipes like that! “Lullaby In Ragtime” by John C. Reilly effortlessly sails you into ‘Dreamland’, which feels more like you are slipping into a NYC jazz club, with it’s simply rhythmic piano, drum and saxophone accompaniment… these lullabies are just darn right loveable!

Or maybe you are walking to the beat of a country drum with your new baby… Try flashing back with a Dixie Chicks classic ‘Lullaby‘, as you “drift into a dream” with your baby! This song in particular, incorporated the gentle strumming of a guitar as its guide, almost as if, it were twirling a ballerina in a music box, a perfectly ethereal ‘Lullaby’ for your BABY!

Y Rumor Has It: We can start looking out for a special lullaby from country superstar Carrie Underwood, folks have been whispering, about Carrie penning a new song for her baby Isaiah!

Or… If you were rocked to bed by your Spanish speaking Abuela like I was many a’ times, old- world chanted riddles and folklore like this, would have been your lullabies…

“A Dormir Mi Niña… A Dormir Mi Amor… A Dormir Pedazo De Mi Corazon…”


“Go to sleep my baby, Go to sleep my Love, Go to sleep my baby- you are the piece of my heart…”