Yspiration: Fixing Eating Late Mistakes

We’ve all been there. That late night craving sets in but you’re trying not to head the fridge for a quick treat.

Well, part of Yspiration Sunday is to help inspire you to be TUN TUN TUN….healthier. At least if you’re late night snacking.

Soo, if you can’t fight the craving, try these tasty treats during your late night snack session.


Now don’t pack it with sugar but you can make yourself a strawberry and chocolate smoothie. Use real strawberries and only our dark chocolate cocoa. That will help soothe your sweet tooth and fill you up a bit.

Multigrain Pretzels 

Munch on a handful of these to help kill a craving. That’ll be about 100 calories so don’t grab more than a couple of handfuls unless you want to do some damage.

Fat Free Popcorn 

This is more versatile because you can make it sweet or bitter by either using spices or cinnamon sugar. Try to use the 100 calorie packs.


If you’re not sure what you want and just need something to fill you up, munch on 2 or 3 of these to help fill you up a bit, at least enough until the morning. It’s packed with fiber which will help you feel fuller longer.


It may not be your first option to control your late night craving, but they do the trick and are healthy. Grab some broccoli or carrots paired with a fat free dip and munch away. Don’t overdo it with the dipping sauce! Opt for fat free ones.