‘By The Way’… The Y Life goes 1-on-1 with Music’s new IT girls


Special Thank You to ‘By The Way’

oH… ‘By The Way‘ have you heard the new music group making waves in the 313?

This week The Y Life is switching things up a little bit and bringing Music to your Tuesday, as we go one- on- one with four teens from Detroit who are stamping their mark on the town!

Michigan is engraved with a special type Music history, it was September 1959 when Berry Gordy brought the ‘Motown Record Corporation’ to the streets of Detroit and developed a new sound known as the ‘Motown sound‘ from artists like Jackie Wilson, ‘Smokey’ Robinson, The Supremes, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. This new ‘sound’ Gordy created from his Hitsville U.S.A studios, had a certain type je ne sais quoi, which many have attributed to the soul of crafting music in the motor town. From the popping rhythms of the tambourines, to accenting beats and incorporating electric bass-guitars… the emphatic chord structuring, which brimmed reminiscent of soulful gospel hymns, and sparkling in those Pop techniques with orchestra inspired string sections and background vocals… Motown makes music history!

With a soul all their own, ‘By The Way’ is a singing group comprised of four very talented ladies, Ursula Fuller, Darbi Dombrowski, Marisa Nahas and Frankie Bellisario who are taking on the world and making sure we know they are no boys ‘Go To Girl‘, but they are our favorite ‘Go To Girl’ Group! After hearing them effortlessly strewn the notes of our National Anthem, at national NASCAR and MLB sporting event or two, we are pretty darn sure there is something in that Detroit water, and ‘BTW’ is definitely drinking it! So The Y Life sat down with the girls for a chat…

First off… Darbi, Ursula, Marisa and Frankie… What has been the most exciting moment for the four of you, on your ‘By The Way’ adventure, thus far?

“We loved performing at ‘Disney’s Tween Stars Live’ and the historic Fox Theater in Detroit, but our most exciting moment so far was hearing our song “Go To Girl” on the radio. It was such a surreal moment for us because we have worked very hard, so actually hearing our original song on the radio was so cool.”

Girl bands have always been such an exciting addition to the pop music scene… they’ve played a major role in fortifying the value of ‘girl power’, as did my favorite girl band growing up for me. As a unit what are your goals for ‘By The Way‘?

“We want our music to be relatable and we want each of us in our group to be relatable. All of us are so diverse therefore, you are bound to relate to one of us. Using our different styles, personalities, and experiences, we want our music to inspire people no matter who they are.”

All four members of ‘By The Way‘ are based in Detroit, a town known for its influence in the music world… How has your city influenced your sound?

“It motivates us to think outside of the box when writing our original songs because we have had such incredible role models come out of our great city.”

Darbi, Ursula, Marisa and Frankie have quite the resumes… from a classically trained opera singer, to a pageant titleholder, a musical theater performer and a singer-songwriter! How have each of you been able to use your pasts to enhance the sound of your band?

“Since all of us have had different experiences we bring something different to the table and luckily it creates a great sound!!!”

The ‘By the Way’ girls, have been known to embrace their strong passion for singing and songwriting, their single ‘Go To Girl‘ is out on iTunes, but we wondered when we could expect to hear some other original tracks from these lovely ladies?

“We have an EP coming out in the fall. We are consistently writing and recording in the studio. We love writing music that people can relate to and love creating new content.”

We have heard ‘By The Way’ perform the National Anthem quite a few times, which we can only imagine must be such a thrilling experience… In fact, it’s a dream carried by millions, to be able to honor our nation with song, and especially at such high profile athletic events! We just had to know what that feeling and experience must have been like for ‘By The Way‘?

“We are incredibly honored to have sung the National Anthem at many sports events including the most recent, a NASCAR race. It is a lot easier to sing the National Anthem because there are three other people with you to help calm down your nerves. Our parents still get nervous every single time we sing it, but in the end, it is always an exciting experience.”

Last but certainly not least, it seems as though, you girls are the precise examples parents wish their daughters could have; how vital do you all think it is for young women in 2015 to have positive role models to look up to?

“In this day and age, there are a lot of issues teens face regarding bullying, cyberbullying, body image, peer pressure, and the pressure of doing well in school. Teens face this in everyday life so we four want them to look at us as positive role models and know that we also have gone through and survived the same struggles and still do. We want our music to inspire people and help them get through these obstacles.”

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