Going Goodwill For Vintage


The Y Life’s Vintage week wouldn’t be complete without mention of one of the thriftiest places to get some great vintage finds, Goodwill or as we like to call it #GWVintage.

It’s that place you used to donate your clothes that didn’t fit you anymore. Now, it’s not only that but also a little treasure haven but be ready to look. But what should you look for?


Vintage Designer Clothes

For those fashionistas obsessed with vintage finds, this is the place to get the greatest deals with designer items like Diane Von Furstenberg found among the items. Have you guys heard of NastyGal? Well, she started to build her empire by buying thrift store items and reselling them. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I wouldn’t say buy your whole closet from there but there are some nice finds for gently worn designer wear.


Check out their movies for some cheap, fast flicks to get. You never know if you’ll find your favorite flick on he shelf. The movies are usually a couple of bucks.


Old School Books

From vintage encyclopedias to text books to children’s books.  Check out their old school coffee table books! It’s a nice detail on the table or a good addition to your library.


Vintage Frames & Art

You know those Pinterest art collages you have been wanting to do but don’t have the time or money to do it, well grab some frames from here and voila. Now all you need is about an hour. I’ll leave you to figure that out.


Vintage Decorative Items

Those random little trinkets on their metal shelves come quite handy when it comes to being thrifty with vintage decorations. Keep and eye out though. It’s not the easiest find.

Just Hubcaps

Not vintage but definitely thought it would be worth the mention. It just goes to show you how many items this place has.