Miami’s Swim Week Social Media

With summer in full swing , you may need a couple of pieces or two or three of bathing suits. You know those to flaunt your beautifully worked body and obviously great personality.

Well well …. Miami has the answer for you and it comes in the form of Swim Week Miami. Your Welcome.

For those who can attend the acclaimed runway shows and great parties, congratulations to you. For those who can’t, there are some other options that are quite easy actually!

Opt for social media’s front row, free pass to the show.

Follow these movers and shakers in the industry that help give you a glimpse into the event.

TashandDev (Snapchat) 

Great girls with awesome personalities who give their followers a front row and behind the scenes view of the shows and then some parties.

Snapchat Live 

If you don’t feel like following these girls, opt for looking at the Snapchat Live channel Miami Swim Week. That’s a whole compilation of shows, parties and then some.

OrchidBtq (Instagram)

Great video of the runway and great pictures of their own lines! Don’t miss this groups cute designs for summer.

Miami Fashion Week (Facebook) 

Not the best source but you get some great pictures and updates.