Making Y’s Extra $$$

In our consumeristic society, with the next thing being pushed in our faces as someone tells us we need it, it’s no wonder we need more money.

That plus we’re getting paid less for the same work our older counterparts were when they started.

So for those who don’t get paid the big bucks while doing what they love, there are some options to provide more sustenance to your wallet without getting a part time job. It may not be much but it may be what helps get you by for a bit.

Interested? Try these. 

This is great for people who are already on their computer a lot. You review websites. Your microphone records your review and sometimes you may have to do written questions. In total, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes but some reviews may take longer. How much does that add to your wallet? Try $10 bucks for standard and maybe $15 if the review has to be longer.


Now this is something where you get what you give. If you put effort into working this, it could help you way more than expected. This is for those who like teaching or simply want to dabble in it. You create your own online lesson plan for the topic of your choice and if the site publishes your class, you get paid per student. The site advertises that the average pay for teachers is $ 7,000 but really, it all depends on your course and how many people sign up.


For those who love taking pictures and need some extra cash, this is a great app. You take picture, upload them to the app and if someone buys them, you get paid $5 each picture. If numerous people buy the rights to it, then you will get paid $5 each time. It’s a hobby that could get you some extra $$ in your wallet.


Do you like court shows or investigative shows? Well now you can be a mock juror and earn money will doing it from your couch. Lawyers use this site to test jury reaction for various cases. That’s where you come in. The pay varies from case to case but it’s nothing that will make you way richer financially , but knowledge wise, it’s also a plus.

Virtual Assistant

Have some extra time to spare? Try helping someone out and getting paid for it by being their virtual assistant at Zirtual. You do have to go through a small training program, but at least it’s something you can do on the side and you set your hours.