Top Tracks For The Fourth

It’s almost the 4th. It’s almost the 4th! It’s almost the 4th! That’s why The Y Life is giving you the dish on everything  July4th this week!

Now, you may have plans already or not, either way it’s on your mind.

So for this Mix it Monday, you will get the dish on the mix up for music.

Let’s talk music. While HypeM and general music streaming a great, a playlist might be in order for this occasion and they may lean towards songs that are patriotic in nature.

For instance, there’s the usual suspects like:

“Born in the USA” – Bruce Springsteen

“American Girl” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

“American Woman” – Lenny Kravitz

“Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd 


Or a more modern take on it like: 

“Empire State of Mind” – Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

“Party In The U.S.A” – Miley Cyrus

“Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue” -Toby Keith

“Firework “- Katy Perry

“All American Girl” -Carrie Underwood

“American Boy”- Kanye West ft. Estelle

“Red Solo Cup” – Toby Keith