Saying Goodbye… Turnin’ the Page

Thank You MSNBC

Thank You MSNBC

It may not be December 31st for most folks, but for me, my work- year has come to an end this week. I am turning the page on an experienced chapter that changed my life forever. Yes, for those that don’t know G & L are tasking a successful hold on multiple directions in their lives… at 27 Years Young, we play many roles in this Millennial world, as do many of you!

Sometimes in your life you are faced with unbeknownst opportunities, and although the road ahead may be unpaved, the faith needed to cross your version of Washington’s 21st Century ‘Delaware’, helps you realize you are no longer living on the terms of your childhood, but instead bigger forces of growth are at play.

There comes that moment in everyone’s life, that alters their perspective… you see, it’s the journey shining its light upon the vulnerabilities of maturity, by raking the leaves of your innocence and planting the seeds of your future accomplishments. In fact, these are the seeds which will eventually blossom into fierce flowers of Compassion, Understanding, Hope, Acceptance, Serenity and Self- Empowerment.

Take my word for it, the souls you meet along the trail will transform, inspire and feed your very being… Through them and their visualization of the world around them, you will learn to respect the value  of having an opinion. Furthermore, by being mature enough to recognize how putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is an undeniable truth of ‘growing up’ you will find a new found respect for your truth.

Y Tip: Be a sponge and absorb all of the knowledge, which our world is constantly spewing around you! Learn to catch yourself, upon your frustrations and instead of lashing out, Pause, Reflect and Begin Again. Fuel those around you with Hope and Positive Energy, life is too short to live it unhappily.

My soul was calling me to follow my heart, but the driver of my dreams could never expel the gratitude I developed for each and every person who believed in me, and in the orientation of my potential. To the wonderful friends I made along the way, who were truly more like family than they are friends, words cannot express how thankful I am for the kind generosity and trust you have shown me this past year.

I will miss you, but your passion in fighting for the ‘Truth’ at every instance, of every day will live with me into forever! Good Luck with the show that showed me, how when you stand up for what you believe in, you can change your world!

I Thank & Cherish You.