Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Happy Father's Day! In Father’s Day tradition G & L thought what could be more poignant and fitting than publishing notes to their Dad’s. Whether today you simply call your dad, send him a card, give him a giant XO or treat him to a sweet treat… Remember to honor the man in your life, the one who will forever be your person!


L’s Note…


Thank You 4 being my 1st Man Friend. 

Thank You for never having stopped twirling my hair.

Thank You 4 showing me what Love is. 

Thank You 4 teaching me to be better. 

Thank You 4 holding my hand, wiping my tears & picking me up every time I fall.

Thank You 4 believing in my Dreams 4 me when I was heartbroken. 

Thank You 4 being my pillar of strength. 

Thank You for being you!
I Love You, Your 4Ever Lala.


G’s Note…


Thank you for teaching me to always be strong yet loving. Traveling with you as a kid and even as an adult was the best lesson you could have ever instilled in me. Thank you for our midnight snack sessions where you would joke and ask me about my day. You have always helped me feel supported and strong and for that I thank you.
 I love you!