Hunting Season

Let’s face it, our Y dating culture is quite different than that of other generations. Whether it’s because we are so in debt, we can’t afford to date someone who’s broke.. the fact that thanks to the Internet the exciting self-discovery of a ‘Blind Date’ is now a moot point, since you can Google someone’s portfolio before the date even begins.. And if you decide to break things off, the chances of staying “Friends” is 0 to none, so hold onto your dignity and say C’est la vie!

In one way or the other, G and I have learned all of these lessons for ourselves over the past years and we wanted to take this week as an opportunity to share some of our talea with you and hopefully spare you some tears during The Y Life’s #DatingWeek !

When you hear ‘Hunting Season’ you may think Camouflage, Guns, Deers and Ducks… But, these days ‘Hunting Season’ is a bit more complex… Y? Because it encapsulates the world of Millennial Dating; As each passing day comes and goes, more potential candidates get hitched, further depleting the forest of future eligible partners. The good ones become rare in breed, endangered some might say, and harder to catch, it’s a mere fact of the animal kingdom. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter .. Every season has its ‘Hunting Period’ usually mid month, around the 3rd week of the month- when the exciting prospect you had has begun to fizzle; Due to sweat OR sweaters the Hot and Cold weather has become a pet peeve; and or your work routine has you running on fumes– that’s precisely the moment when it ALL hits you!

If you are in the game and need some tips as we approach June’s Hunting Season…

5 Y Tips 4 ‘The Hunting Game’… 

1. The Sweeter you smell, the more youattract… Viktor & Rolf ‘Flower Bomb’ is 100% effective!

2. Line those Lips … Your goal is 2 Pucker- Up by the end of the evening!

3. Eye Contact… Connect with your prey, before you shoot your arrow!

4. The Higher The Heel, the easier to Hunt on the Horizon… It’s a better view 6 Inches Up!

5. Never show ALL your Cards… Leave something to the Imagination!