Y OTC STD Tests Are The Next Thing

Generation Y’s hook up culture has bred a need for instant STD testing and pretty soon it may be something you may have.

Yes, it’s a touchy subject but let’s face it, the only thing you want to be taking home is the person you’re hooking up with and of course this: the pocket size take home STD tester called KnowNow.

The makers, Boston Microfluidics say its  meant to test whether your boy toy has…TUN TUN TUN …Herpes.

More of a touchy subject but the truth is, 50 million people in the U.S. alone have Type 2 Herpes with 80% undiagnosed, according to the company.  We can’t afford not to talk about it. You CAN’T afford not to talk about it.

While it’s still in the testing phase, the wheels are moving for this product. Something meant to make our dating lives a bit less scary when it comes to your hunk’s past sexual endeavors and what may have come with them as a result.

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