Y We Don’t Wink Anymore

You’re probably reading this from a tablet, computer or phone. Either way it’s a screen, a screen we look at way too often.

Speaking of screens… Have you ever watched an old timey romance film. You know the ones where the guy winks at the girl while looking at her in the eyes.

When is the last time you saw someone do that? Look into someone’s eyes and make that intense human to human connection for longer than a couple of seconds. Long enough even just to wink at someone.

When is the last time you did it?

With dating apps like bumble and tinder, yes it’s easier for people to meet but what about just looking up from the app and just enjoying the people around you?

Make eye contact with those around. You may spot someone you’re interested in instead of looking down at your phone.

Then we wonder why our generation has a problem with connecting and relationships. How can we continue that if the base of any relationship is that contact, that looking into someone’s eyes and getting lost in them.

We would have to look up first.

Check back tomorrow for more on The Y Life’s dating week.