Mix It Monday: Dating Week

It’s Mix It Monday on @TheYLife and you know what that means… You Get to peek into either G or L’s Music Library and since we are focusing on Dating this week… What could be better than the perfect Luv Song?!

It was 2007 and I was in Phoenix, Arizona visiting a friend for brunch on a warm desert Summer Sunday, when he introduced me to one of my favorite songs… ‘Something To Lose‘ by Corey Smith. 

The Peach State delivered one heck of an artist in Smith, who actually taught world geography and world history at a Gwinnett County High School in Georgia, before pursuing music full-time at the age of 28!

Smith’s second album of nine, was titled “In the Mood” and released back in 2004 by Undertone Records; P.S. This is the album housing my ‘Mix It Monday‘ song choice ‘Something To Lose’. 

A simple poet whose words are captivatingly seductive, Smith etches through his raw truth to find an impactful emotional connectivity to his audience… “My heart be still I’m having trouble breathing, wondering if you feel the same way that I’m feeling, cold sweat so strange, I can’t play it cool, my hearts out on a limb girl and you’d be something to lose… 

We all face those nervous jitters when we are first getting to know someone, especially when that someone makes the butterflies in your tummy twinkle and twirl! Falling in love is 100% equal to putting yourself out on a limb- Because you never know when you may “get this moment back again…

Y Lesson: Life is short, so when you find your person, hold on and never let go, because you may “never get this moment back again…”