JEN Music on The Y Life

Boy how time flies… The year was 2004 when I first met JEN as she captivated audiences on my Sunday morning NBC News segment, ‘Teen Talk’ — and to this day her voice stains hearts with the ethereal etching of a classical rock inspired Joplin lullaby.

It seems, as though no time has passed, through the years she has continued to inspire through her unwavering commitment to the DREAM chasers, as her passion of music imprinted on every lyric. You see, that is the best facet of lyricists, they are the ghosts of your inhibition, the condemnation of your pain and the unwavering retribution of your emotions. You may never really know who’s truth is truly being radiated in song, but their job is considered flawless, when they capture the essence of the paradigm where weakness and strength, meet vulnerability at the crossroads of happiness and heartbreak.

We caught up with JEN this week and got the scoop on where her path has led, funny enough first thing we asked was… 5 Words to best describe JEN’s musical essence… “Raw,Soulful,Inspiring,uplifting, and powerful.”

“Since the first time we met, life has been all that I expected and more! I have had the opportunity to continue to work as a professional songwriter and touring musician, and have been all around the world working with many different artists. It has been such a wonderful ride, I am very thankful and blessed.”

A native South Floridian born to an exiled Cuban family JEN has always been the artist, who uses the riffs of her life experiences, to shine through the soul of her music.

“I believe my sound is unique because of all of the different influences I have had in my life. Rock,blues,Pop,Americana. Being a Cuban, I am also trying to incorporate some bilingual tracks. I want my fans to get to know the real JEN. This album is about my personal experiences and life story. My goal is to rock your soul!”

Musical influence is nestled in us all, we just need to determine how best to discover exactly where in our treasure box it is stored– in fact, your roots of influence are always somewhat dug into where you grew up.

“I was introduced to Latin and American music at a very young age by my family. They are all writers and musicians! They shaped and molded me into the writer and vocalist/performer that I am today. I could not have asked for a better family and upbringing! I literally had access to every kind of musical instrument and song you could possibly imagine and was always encouraged and supported from a very young age to take lessons and eventually the stage.”

Rocking our souls is precisely what makes JEN’s unique blend of rocking rhythm and blues, a perfect YLife sound. JEN is blending the exploration of Love and Heartbreak, which are some of the most infamous foundations of inspiration for music… But we wondered what inspires JEN?

“My family, my friends (like you!) the people who have been around me supporting my every move. THAT inspires me. The fact that after all these years, you all still believe in me and my music is a beautiful thing.”

And that precise inspiration, has helped her music grow over the past years she exclaimed with her charming bandana clad gravitas in hand; JEN’s rustic honesty is a nostalgic slice of yesteryear, which she has mastered at baking into a modern cake.

“My music has changed for the better I believe. In my younger years I carried a lot of angst and anger. Even though my music has always been uplifting, I feel like you could hear it was coming from a painful place. Now that I have gotten older and life has made me stronger and wiser, My approach to lyrics and melodies is more uplifting and resolute. My next album is leaning towards a raw yet peaceful vibe.”

And if that weren’t an inspiring enough tale of growth, she will be having her cake and eating it too, with her new album… I simply asked if she would divulge a secret or two about your new record, and but of course she did one better, after some perfectly suited Cafe Con Leche & Cuban Toast, JEN pulled out her guitar in the parking lot of the Cafe and gave me a sneak peak of what we should be looking out for with her new record!

“My new record is being written and recorded as we speak! I am working with my team out of LA headed by my close friend and publishing partner Robert Mcbride. You can expect acoustic rock and roll and some serious lyrical and melodic content. I have a hand in all of the material written and selected for it, so I am excited to share some of this with you once its ready!”

Truth be told I was stoic to hear the track, the song culminated the beauty of what music is supposed to be, it moves people and is a defining quality of any generation; Millennials are establishing a unique nomadic musical tendency in their own right now– so I just had to ask how vital JEN believed music is to our Y’s?

“I believe that all music is vital to every generation. It is the soundtrack to our lives. Without music the world would be a very quiet and expressionless place. So long as we keep creating, we keep growing and learning. In a world so tormented with grief and war, a good song can change how you feel in an instant. Music is life changing and I hope to leave my mark and bring some peace and love to the airwaves.”

Music is used as a coping mechanism in almost every instant of life, which has caused a streamlining effect onto every aspect of the world’s rotation… Writing has helped us all overcome adversity, release emotions and reveal truths sometimes too difficult to say… I wondered if JEN would recommend writing as a coping mechanism for us all?

“Becoming a writer has been my saving grace. I have always had a difficult time expressing myself verbally, so at a very young age writing became my escape. I find that when I allow myself to let go, and let my heart pour onto the page, It feels like a million pounds of pressure has been released into the universe and I can think clearly again. I recommend writing poems,lyrics,stories, etc to everyone! Even if you don’t share them, it just feels good to let it all out sometimes.”

What would a conversation with JEN be without some words of wisdom for people who are trying to find their way… JEN says to simply “Find YOUR path. Be true to yourself. Follow your heart and gut instinct. Learn about the [your] business and surround yourself with people who lift you up! PROTECT yourself and your intellectual property ALWAYS.”