When Do U Believe?

There comes a moment in our lives, where we look around and wonder Y were we placed on this earth… You know, What is our purpose in this lifetime?

Sometimes that moment happens early on in life, but for others that awakening occurs later in life; for some reason I get a feeling, as though our Generation Y has felt the pressure of this looming question throughout their mid 20s. Whether it has been fueled by school and loans, career and family or love and lust!

Sometimes, just sometimes, we become so self-involved in the material world around us, using it in essence as a crutch for which to fill the empty void in our souls — it’s at that moment when we lose perspective and forget the importance of believing in something greater.

We gain that perspective back, when the worlds around us align and shine a light upon our hopes and dreams.

Earlier today on Twitter, I shared… @laurenrigau: Today’s ‘Daily Bible Quote’ was quite inspirational.. ‘We live by what we believe, not by what we can see.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

As I sit back and think about those moments where I have reassessed who I am and my purpose- I find that many of those moments have come 37,000 feet in the air… Frankly I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just mathematically closer to heaven, or just the silence aboard a flight, but I must admit as you look out into the endless sky, every cloud shines a new light on your self- truth! Maybe it’s because I can see the clouds, because I know they are around me, but because of our earths gravitational pull I can’t actually touch them, I can only feel their affect on my life.

So no matter what religion you are, find your place… The place where you can feel safe and vulnerable enough to admire your potential and the possibilities of discovering YOUR truth!