Y Be Single In Your 20s

Now, to be clear I am not saying to stay single throughout your whole 20s. 

The idea is taking the focus off finding someone and putting it more on finding yourself. 

Too much in our society are we roped into thinking finding that perfect someone is the end all and be all when in reality, the real crime is neglecting yourself.

We put focus everyday on how we look, what we eat, who we are with , so  it should only be natural to give our internal self some love. 

You change so much from your early 20s to your late 20s. You may not even be the same person by then. 

You start with finally legally being able to drink then finding your career, working your butt off, moving out, establishing yourself, becoming strong for yourself and then boom your 30 and ready for another phase in life. 

Being single or at least taking time to be selfish in your 20s will help set the stage for the other phases to come. 

Now, if you find love, don’t let it go but also don’t forget to love yourself too. 

G & L wish you a happy weekend full of adventures!