Summer Wardrobe…

Are you starting to prepare that Summer wardrobe… Maybe purchasing select classic pieces for your Summer vacation…  Or stocking up those long n’ short dresses for all of those Summer Weddings on the calendar…

Yes, we know, we know… Summer brings with it sun, sand and spending money… So Summer Savings on style are a MUST, Right?

Whether you are like me, mixing and matching pieces from the affordable ones at Walmart to pricier ones from Nordstrom… or you prefer online shopping with discount fashion houses like Forever 21 and H & M Summer is the perfect opportunity to stock up!

With social media playing such a role in our ‘stylence‘ (Style- Influence), it’s imperative that we switch up our outfits, as to not be an ‘outfit repeating fashion faux-pas’… But how do we complete such a task without going bankrupt?

Accessories! Make sure to invest in some accessory options for the Summer…i.e. necklaces, earrings, bangles, clutches, shawls and shoes! Boutiques have wonderful accessorizing options that can transform any black dress from drag to glam! From Fluorescent to Pastel colored stones, chunky necklaces and animal printed scarves– little trinkets can make a big difference!

We wouldn’t want your Instagram feed to repeat an outfit now, would we?

An accessory I love to hunt for… Vintage Clutches! If you happen to stop into any Antique stores or Flea Markets, as we encroach on the end of Spring, keep your eyes open for some fun vintage treasures, which can be used to completely retrofit any $22.99 Dress from Forever 21!

If you are seeking out a casual accessory… A must for this 2015 Summer are those fabulously White Converse, which all of the stars are doting! Whether you are spending the day out on the lake, cruising the boardwalk on your bike or just seeking to simplify the flow of your skinny jeans and white button down!

Finals thoughts… Ribbons! I know what your first thought is, but they are not just for little girls anymore! Make sure to purchase some silk ribbons for your pony tails, stick to solid colors Black, Grey and White… if Sarah Jessica Parker can still do it, so can you!

Looking forward to a fun, fashion forward Summer!

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