MidWest Weather APB…

Recovery teams have been on the ground in From Texas to Oklahoma in search and rescue efforts to save Americans from the torrential weather.

In Texas they have resumed searching for people staying in homes in Texas Hill Country where rains and severe weather have destroyed or damaged more than 1,000 homes.

You see over the past few days, at least 17 people have been reported killed by the storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

According to Meteorologists these persistent storms have been grounded over Texas for weeks, and are not going anywhere just yet, which suggests even more flooding could be on the way!

The banks of the rivers, have crested to record highs, including the Blanco at 40+ FEET, tripling its flood stage.

These Floodwater’s have overwhelmed much of Texas, since these storms have deposited more than a foot of rain on the Houston area alone… The best tip on not getting stranded like  hundreds of other motorists in the nation’s fourth-largest city, or in any other city facing difficult weather conditions, is to hunker down with your family and try to stay attentive to news updates!

You can follow The Weather Channel or even the AP for the latest updates on travel, weather and APB alerts from officials.

Remember the most important things is to stay safe Y Lifers!