Historically mint candies are known worldwide as representing an after-meal refreshment… Y? The taste & smell of the oils in the mint are so strong, that its active components cause a clean and cool feeling to resonate within the mouth, as well as soothing the stomach!

But…They are jam packed with SUGAR!

Ingredients : Sugar, natural peppermint flavor, cream of tartar, artificial colors (yellow 5 lake, red 40 lake, blue 1 lake)

Known as After Dinner Butter Mints these soft and sweet candies will melt-in-your-mouth; These mints were originally sold in a department store in Philadelphia and are known to be one of the oldest candies still manufactured today, because they were first introduced by The Richardson Brands in 1893.

There really isn’t anything like them around, making these after dinner mints perfection!

If you are keeping point count, you may want to avoid overusing the mint benefit, but I am such a mint-Iber, that I believe one or two are the perfect solution!