Sliders R Always A Good Idea

As we encroach upon the Holiday weekend, one thing is certain this Memorial Day, lounging poolside makes tummies rumble and providing the perfect spread is pivotal!

Finding easy 2 eat meals are always a challenge, especially when you want your spread to be a compilation of finger food that will help you to avoid utensils and plates, on the same token you need to provide substantial enough platters that will stuff your guests… That’s where Sliders come in!

Top 3 Reasons why Sliders are always a good idea…

1. Sliders provide a starch and protein all in one

2. Sliders are simple and easy to make

3. Let’s face it you will be a hit with the kids… because who doesn’t LuV a sandwich?!

Personally I love experimenting with food and testing new options on old classic dishes… In the case of the Slider you could maintain a traditional approach and do Hamburger Sliders, with a fresh Roma Tomato slice and a pickle (YTip: You can Pre-order already prepped sliders from the butcher at your local Whole Foods) …

You can leave a BBQ pork loin on your crock-pot cooking since dawn with BBQ sauce, after 6-8 Hours you will have some of the best pulled pork Sliders!

Buy some pre-made rotisserie chickens from your market, add: Mayonnaise, Celery, Apples, Golden Raisins & Fresh Minced Herbs… You have Chicken Salad Sliders! 

Cuban Sliders are a guaranteed hit! Ham, Pork, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Yellow Mustard… Que Rico!

Feeling Fancy?! If you are having more of a classy wine and cheese get-together, you can always prep some Granny Smith apple slices, warmed up Brie cheese, a little drizzle of honey and Buon Appetite!

There you have it, those are just some quick and easy tips proving why Sliders are ALWAYS a good idea!